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Necessity is the Mother of Invention!
Welcome to No Pocket No Problem!
Our family owned business began in 2010 when our teenage son received his first cell phone and had no pocket to carry it in. After about 2 days of brainstorming and a couple late nights, our first Duct Tape prototype was created, we started sewing after that! The development of our product continued over the next year. During this time, one of our close friends took our story of inspiration and creation and came up with our business name, No Pocket No Problem. 

No Pocket No Problem is a family run company. We design our No Pocket multi-functional pouches for security, accessibility, and flexibility. Today, No Pocket No Problem has four styles, various colors and a patent. It is you, our customers, who fuel our inspiration to wear it anywhere it will attach to.....belt, waistband, golf bag, tool belt, backpack, dog leash, lanyard, boat, bicycle, motorcycle, saddle, stroller, cane, walker and more. Our products all come with an "NP Clip". This clip allows the No Pocket multi-functional pouch to be worn directly on a waistband, without the use of a belt, hook or loop. This clip weaves directly onto the Velcro strap. Our one size clip, fits all four No Pocket styles. Our once No Pocket cell phone pouch, is also now being used for insulin pumps, passports, sun/reading glasses, first aid kits, cameras, EpiPens, note pads, art supplies, field guides, water bottles, work uses, as concealed carry case and more. It also provides easy access while on the go.....walking, hiking, exercising, visiting theme parks, hunting, biking, traveling, at work, in the garden or just around the house.

We feel we have made a product we are proud to say can meet the daily demands of most people and are always working on new products. We love the practicality and functionality of our No Pockets and hope they will have a place in all your daily adventures too!

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